Tips for a Healthy Halloween

By October 26, 2020 Fitness
Tips for a Healthy Halloween

With Halloween creeping upon us, let’s take a bit to talk about how to make the best of what is traditionally a high calorie, high sugar, and overall unhealthy day for most.

Anyone that knows me might guess my first tip. It is, if all else fails, enjoy the day and the treats. At Anda Spa Fitness, we approach health and fitness holistically. An all-encompassing approach that includes physical and mental well being, and sometimes a treat is the best that you can do for your mental health. I like to “zoom-out” and avoid vilifying any one food or even day. If you are doing things right most of the time, a few extra treats this Halloween won’t matter much.

If you are aiming to make the day as healthy as possible, here are a few tips.

  1. No matter what side of the door you are on, plan a quick and healthy dinner. It’s a great day to dust of the croc-pot or instant-pot and fill it with chicken, broth, and your favorite veggies. Try to avoid fast food if possible.
  2. Keep moving between trick or treaters. Will power has no chance against the bowl of candy if you’re not distracted. Keep yourself moving to keep your hand out of the cookie jar.
  3. Fit in a workout! It might not be the typical 1-hour workout you prefer but remember something is better than nothing and might help stave off the sugar cravings later!

Here is a workout you can try at home. Do one exercise between trick-or-treaters!

H – Hops (Shake out the cobwebs and get your body moving with 50-100 hops in place)
A – ABS (pick your favorite ab exercise and do it 50-100 times!)
L – Lateral Lunges (10-50 each leg depending on fitness level)
L – Leg Lifts (yes, more abs)
O – Overhead Shoulder Circles (ahhhh, this one isn’t that bad! Do 30 of them)
W – Walking Lunges (Keep going until you hear the next group of kids at the door!)
E – Easy Jog in place (1:00-3:00 based on your fitness level)
E – Elbow Plank (Hold for 1:00-2:00 minutes)
N – Narrow Stance Squats (10-50 based on your fitness level)

Happy Halloween!

– Cyrus Lemon, CSCS