Personalized spa treatments, including massages, facials, bath rituals, manicures, pedicures, and more create unique experiences to ensure optimal rest and relaxation. These unique spa experiences enhance any of our treatments and allow you to reconnect body, mind and spirit.

Quartz Spa & Aura Lounge

These amenities provide a self-guided journey to well-being and balance.  Our Quartz Spa offers you time to retreat before or after your treatment with our Crystal Sauna, which aids in recovery, detox and flushing toxins, while our hydrotherapy area provides deeply relaxing water therapy.  Our Aura Lounge is ideal for a post-treatment meditation or soothing nap to prolong the benefits of your treatment.


The Night Spa – Suite Serenity

Couples are invited to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and rediscover each other with our bespoke Night Spa, where our lovely Anda Spa is exclusively yours. Begin your evening with an Alchemy Aroma Journey to create a custom scent to be used in your restorative ritual. The journey continues with an invigorating dry brushing to stimulate the senses before being cocooned in a warm Shea Butter wrap with indulgent hot oil scalp treatment and side by side full body massages. Following your journey, we invite you to sip Champagne infused with Rose Quartz – the crystal of universal love – and conclude this restorative, bonding ritual by soaking in the Quartz Spa or detox in our Crystal Sauna with a bottle of locally brewed Kombucha or Champagne.ritual.


Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku) is a practice which began in Japan in the early 80’s, but likely informally much earlier, in which participants walk slowly and purposefully along forest trails while concentrating on different details along the way.  Its focus is on taking in the forest air with all your senses. The goal is not to get to a destination, as in hiking; but rather to appreciate the journey and notice the small things along the way.